What We’ve Done

Over Thirty Years of Achievements

For over thirty years, the Advisory Board for MWRA Communities has worked diligently to advocate for MWRA ratepayers and communities. From continuous in depth review of the Authority’s financials, to shaping major capital project decisions saving millions of dollars, as well as recommending common sense approaches to MWRA policies and procedures, the Advisory Board views itself as a “constructive critic” helping the Authority to better achieve its core mission. The video below recaps thirty years of achievements by the Advisory Board for MWRA Communities.

A New Era

The MWRA begins to borrow for court-mandated projects and the Advisory Board fights to cut costs

In Full Swing

The MWRA Advisory Board optimize water and sewer systems and policies

Cutting Back

The Advisory Board combats rising water and sewer rate assessments

Brand New Waterworks System

Completion of major water initiatives and entry of new water communities

Planning Ahead

Creation of the Master Plan and a 5-Year capital spending cap

The Home Stretch

Sustainable and predictable rate assessments for communities and ratepayers


Advisory Board and Authority plan for a future without court-mandated projects

Open Checkbook

In the spirit of the Commonwealth’s Transparency Act, the Advisory Board will post and maintain the Advisory Board’s fiscal year budget and staff/salary information below:

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Other Agencies & Groups We Work With

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

The MWRA is a wholesale water and sewer agency in the Greater Boston area serving the 60 communities that make up the Advisory Board. The MWRA was created in 1984 and tasked with cleaning up Boston Harbor and overhauling the waterworks system inherited from the Metropolitan District Commission. Today, it delivers the best drinking water in the country and has transformed the once-dirty Boston Harbor the cleanest urban beaches in the nation.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

MassDEP works for the environmental well-being of the Commonwealth and its residents. MWRA has to work closely with MassDEP to ensure the MWRA’s activities are environmentally friendly, and the Advisory Board works to ensure MWRA’s activities are ratepayer equitable.

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