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QWho created the MWRA and the Advisory Board? What are their roles?

The MWRA and the Advisory Board MWRA are both public agencies established by an enabling act enacted in 1984. The enabling act is Chapter 372 of the Acts of 1984. Check out our informational video describing who the MWRA Advisory Board is and what we do:

QWhat’s the difference between wholesale rates and retail rates?

The MWRA is a wholesale service provider - transporting its treated water to its member communities and removing their wastewater. Member communities, in turn, deliver the MWRA's water to the tap and/or transport the local wastewater to the MWRA's collection system for removal and treatment. Check out our Green Sheet informational video on the topic here:

QWhere does my sewerage go?

MWRA's wastewater is treated at the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in Boston. Visible when arriving or departing Logan International Airport, the egg shaped digesters are now a familiar feature of Boston Harbor after the plant came online in 2001. For more information on Deer Island, visit the MWRA's website here:

QWhere does the MWRA’s water come from?

The MWRA's water comes from two reservoirs: the Quabbin Reservoir - about 65 miles west of Boston - and the Wachusett Reservoir - about 35 miles west of Boston. For more information, visit the MWRA's website here:
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