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Stormwater Resources


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Check out examples of stormwater programs in effect. See how municipalities decided to structure fees, implement BMPs, and build public support.

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Cape Cod Commission, MA

From an area concerned with reducing nitrogen loading, the commission focused on low impact development.


Bellingham, Franklin, and Milford, MA

Estimating stormwater utility fees for three municipalities in the Upper Charles River watershed by reducing phosphorous loads.


Orleans, MA

The Cape-area town’s annual report on its stormwater program. The consensus-built program, led by a Stormwater Team, focuses on reducing nitrogen inputs from septic sources and uses BMPs to reduce fertilizers and pesticides. 


Franklin, MA

The 2016 annual stormwater management plan report details extensive efforts to engage the public, including building and maintaining rain gardens, cleaning storm drains, and organizing clean-up days. The town partnered with the Charles River Watershed Association to build rain gardens. The website links to a virtual tour.


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South Burlington, VT

A look at how a major local water resource (Lake Champlain) became a rallying cry to build public-private partnerships and public support for stormwater management.


Portland, ME

A history of the city’s wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and a breakdown of fee analysis for the Clean Water, Clean Growth” initiative.


Middletown, RI

Enacted in 2003, this detailed stormwater management plan describes efforts to find illicit discharges, public engagement, and the best structural and non-structural BMPs to reduce nutrient-loading to the three waterbodies bounding the city.


Dover, NH

The city of Dover partnered with the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center to tackle water quality issues in the Berry Brook watershed. Cooperative efforts between the two parties led to BMPs that were more flexible and more easily maintained by the public works department. These installations, including catch basins and rain gardens, helped to reduce impervious surface area from 30% to 15%.


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Miami Beach, FL

The challenges faced by this coastal area (surrounded by water on three sides) are numerous: extreme rainfall, sunny day flooding, low elevation, and salt water intrusion, to name a few. Addressing stormwater needs while balancing the concerns of residents, a local economy dominated by tourism, and restoring water to the Everglades has led to a number of approaches by consultants. These include raising roadways and seawalls, upgrading the pump system handling stormwater, and providing different visions of shoreline rehabilitation.


Philadelphia, PA

Interactive features on the city’s stormwater website include a parcel viewer and a credits explorer, making the fee process more transparent for residents. The site also provides a comprehensive list of BMP manuals for residents, consultants used on projects, and application forms for credits.


Northeast Ohio

This website walks residents through the steps of applying for a stormwater credit, whether it is a rain garden or barrel, pervious surface, impervious surface removal, or vegetated filter strip.


Ann Arbor, MI

The city’s stormwater utility was established in 1984. This page outlines residential tiered fees and commercial flat fees, as well as available credits to both.


Downers Grove, IL

A serious flood in spring of 2013 led to a reassessment of stormwater capital improvements. While the current utility fee is monthly, the village has a community response center and public meetings to address how the fee might be changed to best suit the stormwater program.


Fairfax County, VA

Called the stormwater penny”, the county raises funding for the stormwater management program through property taxes, rather than through a dedicated utility fee.

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