Environmental Priorities

The Advisory Board supports a number of policies that aim to lessen MWRA’s impact on the environment. These measures fall into the following categories:


  • Lead loan program – to reduce corrosion and to help communities repair their water systems by replacing lead service lines
  • Watershed protection – to protect and manage water supply areas


  • Outfall – to thoroughly monitor Deer Island’s treated wastewater effluent to ensure it has minimal impact on conditions in the Boston Harbor
  • Pellets – to beneficially reuse sludge from wastewater as fertilizer
  • CSO plan – to reduce the number of combined sewer overflows into nearby surface waters

Climate Change

  • Clean energy – to support MWRA’s investments in renewable energy, including solar, wind, combined heat and power, and hydroturbines
  • Storm preparedness – to outfit facilities to withstand more extreme storms and subsequent flooding
  • Stormwater – to advocate for Massachusetts primacy, and to provide resources for communities as they put together their stormwater management programs

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