Ideas for building public support, reaching consensus, and developing outreach and education campaigns.

Soak Up the Rain

Soak up the Rain is a USEPA initiative to consolidate information on public outreach for green infrastructure. Informational posters and how-to guides describing the installations in detail are available. Soak up the Rain has been successfully adapted for towns in New Hampshire and lends itself to fostering region-wide cooperation.


Evaluation of the Role of Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement

This study from EPA tracks 11 small- and medium-sized communities (including seven in New England) as they adopted their stormwater management programs. Programs embracing stakeholder engagement and public outreach efforts were the most successful at gaining public support for the new utility.


Community-Based Social Marketing


The complete Community-Based Social Marketing from Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr is an essential guide to promoting sustainable behavior. The premise of selecting desired behaviors, identifying barriers and benefits to these behaviors, creating strategies, and piloting a program can be applied directly to building a new stormwater management program.


Sustainable Stormwater Funding Outreach Plan


The Sustainable Stormwater Funding Outreach Plan from Portland, Maine details the community’s well-focused efforts to research existing stakeholder attitudes (from residents, businesses and schools), test messages, deliver communication strategies, and evaluate the outcomes.