2021 Annual Water and Retail Rate Survey

For the past three decades, the Advisory Board has been tracking the retail rates for the 60 MWRA communities and many out-of-system communities as well. Every year, the survey gives the communities and the ratepayers a chance to compare their own rates to those of their neighbors. They can also see the long-term trends of their rate history. The input from all of the communities makes the survey rich in information and continually the most requested Advisory Board publication.

For the 2021 calendar year, using the AWWA standard of 120 HCF per household usage annually, the average combined water and sewer bill for MWRA communities was $1,760. This is an increase of 2.92% from last year’s combined bill of $1,709. In comparison, the average wholesale rate change for wholesale communities in June of 2021 was 2.95%.

Additionally, the Advisory Board tracks retail rates factoring in local, state, and federal data. When using this data the average household usage in the MWRA service area is estimated to be 70 HCF a year with an average combined bill of $911.

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