Advisory Board Recommends 3.19% Increase in MWRA Community Assessments

A Record Low

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The Advisory Board’s recommendation reduces the MWRA’s rate revenue requirement from 3.79% to 3.19%, the smallest increase in five years. At the May 18th meeting, the Advisory Board unanimously approved the Integrated Comments and Recommendations on the MWRA’s Proposed FY18 Capital Improvement Program and Current Expense Budget. Advisory Board recommendations include:

  • Reducing the MWRA’s current expense budget by nearly $4.2 million
  • Proposing a funding strategy for the cross-harbor cable replacement to avoid “rate shock” in future years
  • Addressing the overreaching regulations of Enterococcus treatment at Deer Island
  • Exploring possible methodologies for funding NPDES delegation

The Advisory Board will present our comments to the full MWRA Board of Directors on June 7th. The MWRA budget will be finalized on June 28th.