Comments and Recommendations on the FY21 Proposed CIP and CEB

The Advisory Board’s Integrated Comments and Recommendations on the MWRA’s FY21 Current Expense Budget (CEB) and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is here. The document looks a little different this year due to a truncated process caused by COVID19 – the document is set up in an executive summary format, with support documentation as appendices, but please note that any information you would normally find in past documents can still be provided upon request from the Advisory Board. Highlights include:

  • Proposal to form a committee to review the financial and operational impacts of COVID19 on the CEB and CIP in the short and long-term;
  • A 1.0% rate increase, down from the Authority’s proposed 3.6% proposal made prior to the pandemic;
  • A Loan Deferral Program designed to provide financial flexibility to member communities that have borrowed from the MWRA’s community loan programs;
  • Three (3) main areas of interest in the FY21 CIP, including implementation changes to the roll out of the Wastewater Metering capital improvements.

These recommendations were approved by the Advisory Board at two remote meetings held on May 4, 2020 and June 18, 2020.