Today’s #MuniWorks community workshop was a resounding success! 115 people signed up ranging from Advisory Board members, CFOs, business managers, and active citizens. Thank you to all who attended, and thank you to our wonderful presenters and panelists for their contributions.

If you missed the workshop you can check out our live-Tweets and other attendees Tweets by searching for “#MuniWorks” on Twitter. Also, keep checking our website, where we’ll post the final edited video recording of the workshop.

Below you can find two PowerPoints made by our presenters, as well as a handout with highlights from Mr. Woodcock’s verbal presentation:


Stormwater Fee Funding – Readling

If you want more information on Mr. Readling’s presentation, visit the Raftelis Financial Consultants website.


Funding Stormwater Management MAPC

Also be sure to check out MAPC’s Stormwater Financing page and follow them on Twitter at @MAPCMetroBoston.


MWRA Advisory Board Presentation 10-14

If you would like more information about Mr. Woodcock’s presentation, visit the Woodcock and Associates website.


We hope this is the first in what will be a series of workshops designed to benefit communities by providing resources and a forum to discuss water/wastewater issues.