MWRA Advisory Board Announces the 2023-2024 Executive Committee

The MWRA Advisory Board is thrilled to announce the election of its 2023-2024 Executive Committee. This dedicated team of individuals, representing various communities across the MWRA service area, will play a crucial role in guiding and overseeing the Advisory Board’s initiatives in the coming year.


  • Chair – John Sanchez (Burlington)
  • Vice-Chair for Operations – Michael Rademacher (Arlington)
  • Vice-Chair for Finance – Elena Proakis Ellis (Melrose)
  • Treasurer – John Sullivan (Boston Water and Sewer Commission)
  • Secretary – Rich Raiche (Somerville)

At-Large Members

  • John DeAmicis (Stoneham)
  • Cate Fox-Lent (Chelsea)
  • Julie Greenwood-Torelli (Cambridge)
  • Moe Handel (MAPC)
  • Jay Hersey (Brookline)
  • Yem Lip (Malden)
  • David Manugian (Bedford)
  • Brendan O‚ÄôRegan (Saugus)
  • David Pavlik (Lexington)
  • Nicholas Rystrom (Revere)
  • Sam Stivers (Southborough)

Transition and Exciting Changes

The MWRA Advisory Board has witnessed significant changes in its Executive Committee this year due to Lou Taverna’s recent election to the MWRA Board of Directors. Advisory Board staff is very excited to work with the newly elected officers and members, who bring a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and fresh perspectives to our organization.

Join Us on the Operations and Finance Committees

As we embark on the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming year, we invite members who are interested in contributing further to the MWRA Advisory Board to consider joining our Operations and Finance Committees. Your expertise and insights can help shape the MWRA’s policies and budgets moving forward.

To express your interest in serving on these committees, please email Advisory Board staff at Be sure to indicate which committee(s) you’d like to serve on and attach a resume for the Chair of each committee to review before appointing members.

We anticipate an Operations Committee meeting in the near future to review our draft comments on the draft Deer Island NPDES permit and to discuss recommending a loan-only phase of the MWRA’s I/I Community Assistance program.

The MWRA Advisory Board is committed to serving and supporting our communities. With our newly elected Executive Committee and the support of engaged members, we are poised to meet the challenges of the year ahead.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress and initiatives!