Weekly Check-in: Friday, April 3, 2020

To all of our members: we have made it through another week, and we are hoping you continue to stay safe and healthy.

As indicated last week, through the duration of this pandemic, Advisory Board staff will be sending a weekly update to all of our membership. Here are some items from the Advisory Board and the MWRA:

Advisory Board
  • Staff continues to work remotely. Remote briefings with MWRA staff will continue with the Operations Division proposed FY21 CEB briefing and a look at the proposed FY21 CIP
  • As is scheduled on our calendar, the Executive Committee meeting for April 10th will be held remotely. Agenda items include discussing the community impacts of COVID-19, FY21 MWRA budget review, Quincy’s request regarding LWSAP borrowing, and the Advisory Board budget for FY21.
    • Of particular note, Advisory Board staff will present a plan that would extend community payments for the I/I and water loan programs for the remainder of FY20 and all of FY21 by adding approximately 15 months to the term of the loans.
    • If adopted, this proposal could significantly benefit our communities by deferring $35-40 million in payments. Many details still need to be determined.
  • Staff, in consultation with Chairman Taverna, have decided to cancel the regularly scheduled April 16th Advisory Board meeting in light of the increasing severity of COVID-19. We hope to hold our regular May meeting on May 21st and will be emailing members with our budget comments.
  • Staff is developing a plan to remotely hold our PFAS workshop in June.
  • MWRA will be sending their May 2020 invoices (with assessment charges only) via email. Click here to see the notice to communities.
  • Mr. Laskey updated all employees with the status of MWRA operations here.
  • April 10 | Executive Committee Meeting at 10:00 AM
  • April 15 | MWRA Board of Directors Meeting TBD
  • April 16 | Advisory Board Meeting Cancelled

Please stay safe. We hope to see you in the near future.